Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting

Painted to perfection

Many people judge a book by its cover, and that’s very true of a house. When the exterior paint is chipped, flaking and old you can’t but wonder what lurks within.

Selling your home?

Don’t put potential buyers off with a bad first impression. Stand out for all the right reasons with a beautiful exterior house painting job.

Painting that will turn your neighbours green!

Why not be the envy of all your neighbours with a professional exterior painting job? When Expression In Colour Painters finish your exterior painting job your home will look like new.

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Add value and protection

A fresh exterior house painting job is not just a chance to add some colour to your home, but also some value. A great looking home will naturally be worth more. Expression in Colour Painters won’t just be adding value to your home, anywhere from Kangaroo Island and Adelaide home, we are also adding a layer of protection.

Quality exterior paint can protect the structure of your house against the elements, so you can be assured of a job that not only looks great but one that can add value and protection to your home.

Expression In Colour Painters only use the highest quality materials and paints. We believe preparation is key, and we don’t take any shortcuts to ensure your paint work lasts for years to come.

Exterior painting

Add style, colour, value and protection to your home, from Kangaroo Island and Adelaide, with a professional exterior painting job. Call 0411 870 604 and speak to Expression In Colour Painters; our exterior painting will breath new life into your home.

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